Mining machinery monitoring for fleet management system

Mining machinery monitoring telematics in India

Mining and quarry machinery fleet monitoring can save up to 30 % on fuel and maintenance costs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing idle time, detection of fuel manipulation and faults, performing preventive maintenance.

Mining industry telematics provides automated data acquisition and processing that also helps fleet managers: track all vehicle movements and activities, increase safety and performance, extend equipment lifetime, minimize fleet downtime and machines overworking.

Technoton’s complete customizable solution for mining equipment monitoring includes:

Fuel monitoring

– Direct monitoring of fuel consumption by operation modes
– Accurate monitoring of fuel volume (level), refills and drains
– Fuel consumption efficiency improving
– Fuel leaks and theft detection
– Tracking exceeding fuel consumption quota
– Reduced carbon footprints

Fleet usage tracking

– Idling detection to save on fuel and engine hours
– GPS location, geofencing and route tracking
– Operations efficiency, safety and utilization improvement
– Position of attachments – bucket, blade, drill

Axle load monitoring

– Axle load control – avoid overload penalties
– Cargo weight monitoring
– Unauthorized cargo loading or unloading prevention

Onboard sensors data collection and processing

– Humidity, pressure, temperature and more

Scheduled and preventive maintenance

– Monitoring for engine hours by operation modes
– Engine diagnostics and failure detection
– Monitor engine status
– Timely maintenance and repairs

Event notifications

– Vehicle movement start/stop, overspeed, engine start/stop
– Fuel filling, fuel draining, interference in flowmeter operation
– Geofence entry/left
– High/low voltage, power on/off
– Alarm button pressed, other events

Sending data to Telematics server/Users

– Via Wi-Fi access points
– In real time via GSM (2G/3G/4G)
– SMS/e-mail event notifications
– Via Bluetooth (to GPS tracker, cab display, smartphones, tablets)

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