Crocodile contactless CAN/J1739 bus readers use cases in India

Crocodile contactless CAN bus and J1708 bus readers in India

Crocodile contactless readers are devices for safe operation data reading from one or several RS-485, CAN J1939 (including FMS messages) and J1708 data buses, also for reading and counting control pulses of engine injector (nozzle) wires.

Crocodile complements telematics systems with information from CAN J1939, J1708, pulse sensors of buses, trucks, cars, light commercial vehicles, railway transport, agricultural and construction equipment as well as stationary machinery or used as the only data source in low-cost telematics systems.

Crocodile operating principle

Crocodile reader “sniffs” the signals without electrical connection and breaking integrity of wire insulation.

Properties of Crocodile contactless readers:

  • Easy to install and operate, setting-up is not needed.
  • Read signals engine data buses wires without interference into electronics system.
  • Quick installation without configuration, wires are firmly fixed inside reader case.
  • Powered from vehicle’s 12/24V network, power supply range is 10-50V.
  • LED indication allows visual inspecting of reader operation mode.
  • Reader wires are resistant to corrosion, mechanical damages and temperature fluctuations – meet requirements of automotive industry.
  • Wide compatibility with GPS trackers of various manufacturers.
  • Data reading is carried out without electrical connection to the wires.
  • Obtain information on: fuel volume & consumption, engine operation modes, sensors state, malfunctions, operation data (RPM, speed, oil pressure & temperature), etc.

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