GNOM axle load sensors use cases in India

Axle load sensors in India

GNOM axle load sensors are used within vehicle telematics & GPS tracking systems for:

  • axle load monitoring, preventing axle overload,
  • cargo wight monitoring, including loading/unloading places.

GNOM for leaf-spring suspension is installed on a single or double rear axle and measures vertical truck frame shift in relation to axle, what occurs when cargo is loaded to semi-trailer or truck body. Available in wired and wireless versions.

GNOM for air suspension is installed in air line of suspension and measures air pressure, which is changing depending on vehicle load. Available in wired and wireless versions.

Tasks solved with GNOM axle load sensors:

  • Fleet manager can remotely monitor current truck axle load, places of cargo loading/unloading, prevent truck overload and unauthorized cargo pick-ups.
  • Driver can check current axle load to prevent truck overload and corresponding fines for excess load.
  • Mechanic can use data during truck inspection and maintenance.

Properties of GNOM axle load sensors:

  • Mounting on any vehicles with mechanical and air suspension.
  • Interfaces: digital CAN 2.0B (SAE j1939), analog.
  • High degree of protection from external impact.
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • Conformity with European and national standards and directives.
  • Embedded battery – autonomous operation up to 5 years.
  • Digital self-diagnostics for sensor quality control (for CAN version).
  • Increased wear resistance due to absence of friction elements.
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth (for wireless versions).
  • Quicker installation without cabling (for wireless versions).
  • Cable damage is not possible (for wireless versions).
  • Parallel data transfer to GPS tracker, smartphones, tablets (for wireless versions).
  • Mobile app for local real-time data display (for wireless versions).

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