MasterCAN bus converters use cases in India

CAN/J1708/RS-232/RS-485/analog bus converters and simulators in India

MasterCAN products are designed for integration of standard and additional onboard devices with CAN J1939/71, J1708 (SAE J1587), RS-485/232, analog interfaces into a single Telematics system. These tools can also be used by hardware engineers, programmers and others to design, configure, and maintain telematics electronics.

Areas of application: transport and industrial Telematics systems.

Tasks solved with MasterCAN converters:

  • Data transmission from analog to CAN standard and vice versa,
  • Automation of analog devices operation using CAN messages,
  • Data converting between CAN J1939, RS-232, RS-485 interfaces,
  • Messages translation of J1939/71, FMS, ISObus, J1708, Modbus RTU standards,
  • Parameter conversion from J1708 bus to J1939/71 and RS-232 (ASCII, Modbus RTU),
  • Design, configuration and testing CAN bus telematics equipment,
  • CAN message analysis, automatic parsing and storing data logs,
  • Reading and identification of electronic control units (ECUs) malfunctions,
  • Monitoring standard and additional onboard equipment connected using S6 Technology.

Properties of MasterCAN converters:

  • Versatility – used in GPS transport monitoring and industrial automation (IIoT).
  • Secure uniting data from one or several onboard data buses into CAN j1939/S6 Telematics interface.
  • Simple connection and secure reading data from CAN and j1708 buses using Crocodile contactless readers.
  • Simple, intuitive configuration using service software.
  • Simplifying a Terminal or Server configuration by filtering out unnecessary CAN messages.
  • Automatic fuel consumption counter for a trip according to data from onboard CAN bus.
  • Automatic adjustment to the input baudrate of CAN bus (100…1000) kbit/s and conversion to the output baudrate of CAN bus – 250 kbit/s.
  • Simple mounting, full set of mounting components in the mounting kit.
  • Power is supplied from the onboard circuit without any use of additional power units.
  • Compliance with automobile standards of EEU and EU countries.
  • Reception of PGN from CAN bus (SAE J1939) or using S6 Technology and their display as detailed SPN.
  • Modeling PGN raw data with parameters set by the user (test messages).
  • Emulation of individual PGN with SPN that can be edited or creation of PGN groups and their transmission to CAN bus (SAE J1939) or using S6 Technology.

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