Fuel level sensors DUT-E use cases

Fuel level sensors in India

DUT-E capacitive fuel level sensors are designed to precisely measure the fuel level in tanks of vehicles and stationary objects and prevent fuel thefts. DUT-E is used as part of vehicle fuel consumption control and management systems, in integrated telematics systems and independently for:

  • Determining the exact amount of fuel in the tank in mm, litres, %,
  • Calculation of fuel consumption,
  • Control of refueling and draining fuel from the tank,
  • GPS tracking, connecting other devices and transmitting data to server (DUT-E GSM).

The main advantages of the capacitive principle:

  1. Extra strength due to the absence of moving parts,
  2. High measurement accuracy and sensitivity,
  3. Easy cutting/extension of the probe right on site.

Properties of the DUT-E fuel level sensors:

  • Calibration table is saved in the sensor memory.
  • Custom filtering – removes signal surges.
  • Thermal correction.
  • Automatic recognition of fuel type.
  • Data transfer via cable, bluetooth and GSM.
  • Bottom stop – the sensor does not hang in the tank.
  • Filter mesh – protection against water and dirt at the bottom of the tank.
  • Shortening to any length, enlargement up to 6000 mm.
  • Ergonomic bayonet mount and complete mounting kit.
  • Digital self-diagnostics to control data reliability.

Output signals and technologies: analog, voltage, frequency, current, digital interface (RS-232, RS-485, CAN j1939 / S6), BLE (Bluetooth 4.X), GSM (Internet, SMS), GPS.

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