ORF telematics software for fleet management use cases in India

ORF telematics software for fleet management in India

ORF Telematics Service is online software platform designed for real-time collecting, visual monitoring and analyzing of operational data from vehicles or stationary equipment. The received information helps fleet operators effectively manage from 1 to 10,000 assets.

Tasks solved with ORF Telematics Service:

  • Real-time monitoring of Fleet — real-time monitoring of vehicle location, status (movement, stop over, parking), current parameters monitoring (speed, RPM, oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel consumption, axle load, ignition status (on/off) etc.), vehicle route tracking.
  • Fuel monitoring — recording data on location, time and volume of fuel filings, detection of fuel draining (thefts), displaying actual fuel consumption values according to Vehicle data gathered from fuel sensors and CAN bus.
  • Post-trip analysis of Vehicle operation — Analytical Reports can be built for single Vehicle as well as for group of Vehicles. The reports contain detailed information necessary for the effective Post-trip analysis of Vehicle operation by Fleet manager: operation time, parking place and time, fuel consumption, fuel fillings and drainings, route, speed, axle load, diagnostics and other parameters.
  • Event notifications: vehicle movement start/stop, fuel filling, fuel draining, overspeed, geofence entry/left, trailer coupled/uncoupled, high/low voltage, interference in flowmeter operation, load/unload/overload, etc.

Examples of Analytical reports:

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