Maritime and Inland waterway transport monitoring, fuel control

Telematics for marine and river fleet management in India

Marine and river vessels can be equipped with several main and auxiliary engines, diesel generators, boilers, fuel tanks, cranes, and other. Thus, fuel consumption monitoring is one of the key functions of the telematics system, which helps to reduce fuel and lubricants expenditures by 30-60%, detecting faults, minimizing idling time of fleet and preventing fuel overwrites, leaks/thefts.

Water transport monitoring also allows implementing GPS tracking and routes optimization, reducing operation costs, providing maintenance according to actual condition of vessels and, thereby, extend service life of engines and fuel systems.

Technoton’s complete customizable solution for water transport fleet monitoring includes:

Fuel monitoring

– Direct monitoring of fuel consumption (diesel, heating oil, light and heavy fuel oil) by operation modes
– Accurate monitoring of fuel volume (level), refills and drains
– Fuel consumption efficiency improving
– Fuel leaks and theft detection
– Reduced carbon footprints

Fleet usage tracking

– Idling detection to save on fuel and engine hours
– GPS location, route and course tracking
– Speed monitoring, off-route detection
– Crew discipline improvement


– ABS American Bureau of Shipping
– NMEA National Marine Electronics Association

Scheduled and preventive maintenance

– Monitoring for engine hours by operation modes
– Engine diagnostics and failure detection
– Monitor engine status and fuel system condition
– Timely maintenance and repairs

Onboard sensors data collection and processing

– Humidity, pressure, temperature and more

Event notifications

– Engine start/stop, ignition on/off
– Fuel filling, fuel draining, interference in flowmeter operation
– High/low engine oil pressure
– High/low voltage, power on/off
– Alarm button pressed, etc.

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