MasterCAN CAN bus telematics display use cases in India

MasterCAN Display – CAN J1939 bus display in India

MasterCAN Display is a customizable on-board device for visual monitoring of machinery operation parameters from CAN bus, ISOBUS, digital and analog telematics sensors.

Operators can choose to display up to 402 parameters from over 10,000 SPNs described in J1939 (commercial vehicles) and ISOBUS (agricultural machinery and equipment).

Areas of application: road vehicles, water transport, railway machines, construction and industrial equipment.

Examples of data shown on MasterCAN Display:

  • From CAN j1939/S6 interface:
    – fuel level, volume and temperature (from DUT-E fuel sensor);
    – total engine fuel used and trip fuel consumption, fuel consumption by engine operation mode, engine operation time total and split by operation mode (from DFM flow meter).
  • From standard CAN bus:
    engine operation time, engine RPM; coolant and oil temperature, oil pressure; hydraulic system parameters and DTCs; air pressure in suspension system; gearbox parameters; parameters and condition of axles, drives, differential.
  • From voltage/frequency sensors:
    axle load on truck and/or semi-trailer; engine RPM; coolant temperature.

Properties of MasterCAN Display:

  • Support of displaying 3000+ Parameters of a standard CAN-bus and 7000+ parameters of CAN j1939/S6 Telematics interface and ISOBUS bus.
  • Inbuilt converter of analog/frequency signals into digital data (SPN), with the display of their values on the data screen.
  • Option to display SPN converted in accordance with specified mathematical functions.
  • Transfer of proprietary messages containing SPN received as a result of analog/frequency signals conversion into CAN j1939/S6 Telematics interface.
  • Special modifications of MasterCAN Display (G – for trucks, T – for tractors, M – for water transport, U – universal, with free configuration) have preset data screens with performance Parameters of special interest for specific types of equipment.
  • Compliance with Units, Database and cabling system S6 Technology.
  • Based on IoT Burger Technology, which ensures data processing by electronic module of MasterCAN Display with no need of additional data processing units.
  • Unique diagnostics functions, allowing to check operability of MasterCAN Display itself and Units connected using S6 Technology.
  • Signal cables and fasteners included in delivery set.
  • Conformity with European and national automotive standards.

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