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Fuel flow meters in India

The most precise way to monitor fuel consumption of road and railway transport, agricultural and construction equipment, marine and river vessels as well as stationary machinery is direct measurement with DFM fuel flow meters.

DFM flow meters are installed directly in fuel lines (feed & return) of engines, burners and boilers, and measure fuel consumption and running time of each consumer separately. That allows to monitor fuel system conditions and reduce maintenance costs.

Tasks solved with DFM flow meters:

  • Accurate fuel consumption measurement of each consumer,
  • Consumers operation time recording considering load modes,
  • Prevention of fuel consumption overwrites and theft,
  • Remote diagnostics by fuel consumption,
  • Optimization of maintenance of fuel consumers.

Properties of DFM flow meters:

  • Fuel rate measurement range from 1 to 180,000 l/h.
  • Accuracy error from 0.5% to 3% depending on the installation scheme.
  • Used for diesel fuel, heating oil, light and heavy fuel oil.
  • Max temperature of measured liquids: 150 °C; max viscosity: 300 cSt.
  • Collects 40+ parameters and counters for fuel consumption and operating time.
  • Built-in battery – independence from the on-board circuit.
  • Measuring chambers are made of zamak/brass, bodies – duralumin or brass.
  • Connection with fuel lines: thread or flange.
  • Interfaces: pulse, CAN j1939/S6, NMEA 2000, Modbus, Bluetooth.
  • Certified: ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association).

Fuel control helps fleet owners and operators to reduce fuel costs by 15-60%.

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